Forensic Analysis in South Africa

Statement Analysis was originally developed as a forensic investigation technique to reveal deception in verbal and written communication. This forensic investigation technique highlights subconscious conflicts that reveal themselves in the way we communicate. When a subject causes emotional stress, we sub-consciously alter the way in which we refer to that subject and the truth is ultimately revealed despite our attempts to conceal it.

Crime Research offers you the power of the Statement Analysis Forensic Investigation service to aid you in the combating of crime in your workplace or to reveal the truth that employees or others hide from you.

Statement Analysis is an exceedingly powerful and effective Corporate Investigation technique that will help you to detect deception from the ORAL or WRITTEN statements of suspects, victims, or witnesses and ultimately arrive at the truth.
Through the forensic investigation techniques of Statement Analysis, we will enable you to:

  • Determine who is telling the truth and who is not
  • Develop a dynamic interviewing plan and know what questions the subject should be asked
  • Know exactly where a subject is leaving information out of his account
  • Discover hidden motives and reasons for a suspect's deception – they'll think you can read their minds · and much, much more!