Applications of Statement Analysis 

1. Pre-employment Screening & Performance Reviews

By using specially designed questionnaires, Statement Analysis adds a whole new dimension to pre-employment screening and personnel reviews. The form encourages prospective employees to make a personal statement about themselves and their suitability for the job. We will aid HR professionals and Risk Control staff, by identifying basic indicators of deception and dishonesty in the statements and assessing whether or not applicants are personally committed to what they have written.

2. Know Your Client

Statement Analysis can be used to verify the credibility and commitment of individuals to the information they give in any statement they make about themselves. This application is particularly applicable to Risk Control and Compliance Officers.

3. References

Statement Analysis techniques can be used to analyse Personal References in order to identify whether individuals show commitment to what they are saying about another individual or organisation.

4. Sworn Statements and Witness Statements

An analysis of a witness statement will determine whether it is essentially truthful or will reveal indicators of deception, which Counsel can probe during cross-examination. Others involved in Risk Control will benefit through the identifying of investigative leads.

5. Statements of Complaints and Compensation Claims

Statement Analysis is extremely effective in identifying false complaints such as statements made relating to harassment, discrimination, injuries or maladministration. It is also an invaluable tool in detecting fraudulent insurance, accident or medical aid claims.

6. Consultants Reports

Statement Analysis will highlight the authors' commitment to their recommendations. It can also help identify those reports that deliberately manipulate information, such as those prepared to pre-determined briefs, or advocating a course of action that may not in truth be the best option.

7. Fraud Awareness

Statement Analysis is an important element of Fraud Awareness and can be used by Risk Control specialists to help create a Zero Tolerance Anti-Fraud Culture in any organisation. The application of Statement Analysis techniques has led to the voluntary resignation of many a corrupt employee before the net finally closed in on them.

8. Business Communications

Productivity, employee morale and company development all depend on personnel communicating with each other. By understanding words, their interaction with each other and their significance (or perceived meaning), people are able to communicate more effectively with each other.

9. Media Relations

Recent events have clearly demonstrated the need for all organisations to have an effective Media Relations Policy. Potentially embarrassing problems can be avoided if key communications are tested.

10. Internal Investigations

Statement Analysis is invaluable in sorting through truth and fiction in Internal Investigations by Risk Control Staff and later at the hearing.

11. Stock Loss Control and Investigation

Statement Analysis has proven invaluable to Risk Control Specialists and Internal Investigators in the controlling of stock shrinkage and losses. Not only is the identification of culprits made easier, but also the heightened awareness that pre-investigative questionnaires bring to the surveyed area helps to reduce the frequency of the loss occurrence.

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