Corruption Proofing your Business

Fraud Protection and Your Organisation

Fraud Protection, Fraud Prevention and Corruption are terms heard on a daily basis in the halls of South African businesses today. Never before has there been as much attention drawn to Fraud and Corruption as there is today. Perhaps because the effects thereof are beginning to severely hamper the progress of business in this country. Fraud and Corruption has brought countries (such as Venezuela in South America and others very much nearer) to their knees, starving communities and destroying the very fabric of society. Could this happen in South Africa?

To prevent this from happening may take all in the business community standing together against the tide to fight Fraud and Corruption. If we want our economy and our livelihoods to survive this needs to happen sooner than later.

Crime Research Strategic Investigations (CSI) provides a processed step-by-step model for fighting Fraud and Corruption in your organisation irrespective of it’s size and or complexity. For the sake of brevity we have called it the Fraud Prevention Program and have incorporated into the program many aspects of Corruption prevention and Fraud Protection as well.

Step 1 - Fraud Prevention Check Up

Our Fraud Prevention Check-Up is a simple, yet powerful test of your organisation’s susceptibility to Fraud and Corruption. It could save your company from disaster.

Step 2 - Compilation of Comprehensive Report

We will put together a comprehensive report arising from the findings of the Fraud Prevention Check Up. The report will help to pinpoint areas in your organisation employing systems and processes known to be exploited by fraudsters. We will also make recommendations to you regarding action (immediate, medium term and long term) that can be taken to combat the effects of fraud in your company.

Step 3 – Construction of Fraud Prevention, Fraud Protection and Anti-Corruption Plan

We are also geared toward helping your organisation develop a comprehensive Fraud Prevention, Fraud Protection and Anti-Corruption Strategy to address your concerns. Should you decide to implement a comprehensive Fraud Prevention, Fraud Protection and Anti-Corruption Plan, we will be more than glad to assist in this regard. The plan is very comprehensive and all encompassing covering a complete review of business processes at risk. It runs from Reconnaissance stage through Planning stage and Conceptualisation stage to Implementation stage and may include coaching to Institutionalisation stage.

Real and Present Danger

Failing to proactively identify and manage fraud risks can irreparably damage you and your organisations reputation, preventing continued success. The check-up will pinpoint opportunities for you to save your organisation from significant losses. Fraud and Corruption are an expensive drain on resources.

In today's tricky financial environment, no organisation can afford to ignore the 6% of revenues that represent the largely hidden cost of Fraud Prevention. Incidences are now so common that one only notices the exceptional cases. Failing to protect your organisation from the effects of Fraud and Corruption is to ensure that you become a victim.

Why should you take the Fraud Prevention check-up?
It is an affordable, easy-to-use method to identify gaps in your company's Fraud and Corruption prevention process. Many organisations score poorly on their initial Check-Up only because anti-Fraud and Corruption controls have not previously been contemplated. Through the early identification of risks, problems are pre-empted before becoming a problem.

It is an opportunity to establish a relationship with an Anti-Corruption Specialist for you to reference when relevant questions arise. Risk of Fraud and Corruption can be reduced but rarely eliminated. Your company is likely to experience Fraud and Corruption in the future and we will gladly provide assistance in establishing Fraud Prevention, Fraud Protection and Anti-Corruption programs in the future.

Performing the Check-up

Our Fraud Prevention Check-up consists of two phases, that can typically be completed in two weeks.

Phase I: On-Site Review

The Fraud Prevention check-up is ideally a collaboration between an objective independent specialist and people within your organisation who have extensive knowledge about your operations.

Senior members of your organisation would be interviewed as part of the evaluation process. Employees at other levels of the entity would also be interviewed to provide a balanced approach and obtain independent views (often a very enlightening process).

Phase II: Findings and Recommendations:

The Fraud Prevention Check-up provides an overview of a company's performance with respect to Fraud Prevention and Fraud Protection. Our overview will help to identify areas where a more extensive evaluation should be completed. This will be detailed in our written report.

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