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How to Submit the Communication you have for Analysis

1. Sound Recording:
1.1. Attach a digital recording in an e-mail to our investigations department .

1.2. If the recording cannot be submitted in digital format, copy it onto a cassette tape and post it to the address below. Advise me via e-mail that the recording has been submitted, so I can expect it.

1.3. Alternatively, the sound recording can also be transcribed (word for word) and submitted as a document. Put a note at the beginning of the transcription noting that it is a transcription.

2. Document:
2.1. Attach it in an e-mail and send it to our investigations department .

2.2. Please indicate the format (MS Word, Word Perfect etc) when attaching it to an e-mail, to facilitate ease of processing.

2.3. If in hard copy (hand-written statement), post it to our Box number or fax it through to us.

3. Video Recording
3.1. Pop it in a bubble bag and post it to us at the address below.
(A Forensic Non-verbal evaluation can also be given in video recordings of interviews and interrogations or other forms of communication / incident recording.

4. Security and Time Sensitive Items
4.1. Drop us an e-mail and we can make arrangements to have it couriered to us.
Essentials: In a covering note, always include:

What is the incident about (theft, fraud, etc)?

Date and time the incident took place

Indicate the type of analysis required (Normal or Complete)

Your Company Details, to facilitate matching of documentation with payment.
Just the facts please, no opinions.

How to Submit a Request for a Questionnaire

1. In an e-mail or written letter, describe the event you want investigated. Be as specific as possible, including an accurate description of what was stolen, damaged, affected by the incident and when and where precisely the incident took place. If precise details are unknown, please indicate what details are unknown.

2. Please also indicate where you want the questionnaire submitted, provide the submission details.
Essentials: In your note, always include:

3. Your Company Details, to facilitate matching of documentation with payment.

How to Submit Questionnaires for Evaluation / Analysis

1. By Fax:

  • Fax all the relevant pages to the fax number provided.

2. By e-mail

  • Convert all written answers to type.
  • Do not correct any mistakes made in the written version.
  • Reproduce all mistakes, crossings out and other markings produced in each written questionnaire.
  • Submit as attached documents by e-mail

3. By Post

  • Place all completed questionnaires in an envelope
  • Post by preferred method to provided Post Box number.

Essentials: In a covering note, always include:

  • Your company details, to facilitate matching of documentation with payment.
  • Quote this detail on all the documents submitted when submitting by fax or e-mail


Please contact us personally should any other service be required that is not listed on this site. We also specialise in the following services:

  • Threat Assessment
  • Pre-employment Verification
  • Security / Investigation Consulting
  • Anti-Corruption Consulting
  • Business Crime Intelligence Consulting
  • Security / Investigation Business Process Reengineering (BPR)