Top 10 Corporate Security Threats 

The most significant potential threats to corporate security are more likely to come from within the organisation than from outside company walls. Of the top 10 most important security threats identified by se­curity directors of Fortune 1000 companies, the first six are employee-related concerns, as seen below:

  • Workplace violence.
  • Crisis management/executive protection.
  • Fraud and white-collar crime.
  • Employee screening concerns.
  • Computer crime: hardware / software theft.
  • General employee theft.
  • Computer crime: Internet/intranet security.
  • Drugs in the workplace.
  • Unethical business conduct.
  • Property crime (external theft, vandalism).

We at Crime Research are able to assist in resolving many of the above issues, importantly many can be stopped long before they occur, with the correct screening and pro-active treatment. Contact us for assistance with your companies security concerns.


Source: The 6th annual Pinkerton survey, Top Secret Security Threats Facing Corporate America,