Services Offered   

Forensic Investigations Services offered by us are available throughout South Africa as well as internationally. Our investigation services are typically quoted in South African Rands, but can be quoted in the currency of your country. Please note this in your request for investigation services quotation, as we will need to take into account the shipment of documentation etc.

Our services include:

1. Preparation of Investigative Questionnaires
2. Evaluation of Investigative Questionnaires
3. Analysis of Investigative Questionnaires
4. Analysis of Investigative Statements, Business Reports, Letters etc
5. Evaluation of Threats, Anonymous correspondences, threatening letters etc.
6. Relationship Evaluation – Personal Correspondence
7. Full and complete Analysis of any communication (word by word)
8. Threat Assessment
9. Pre-employment Verificationt
10. Security / Investigation Consulting
11. Anti-Corruption Consulting
12. Business Crime Intelligence Consulting
13. Security / Investigation Business Process Reengineering (BPR)



Please see our Payment Page for details on using our services. We are linked to Investigative Agencies Countrywide (Republic of South Africa)